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Case Study


Every Challenge Has a Backstory

The Challenge of Unique Scale: A majority of New York City’s built environment exists at a scale not common in the rest of the world - The City University of New York (CUNY), the nation's largest public urban university, is no exception. CUNY is spread across New York City’s five boroughs and serves over 500,000 students from 24 campuses, 300 buildings, and 26 million square feet of building space.

Ambition Drives Progress: With CUNY’s annual spending on energy, including gas, electricity, and steam at nearly $90 million per year, CUNY set and committed to an ambitious goal to reduce energy consumption and spending by 30%, or $30 million. CUNY turned to OBG for assistance in developing a comprehensive climate action plan for the CUNY system.

OBG’s Focus on Solutions

Working with CUNY, OBG devised a 10-year, $350 million program, which detailed various energy conservation measures, as well as infrastructure renewal projects to be performed at each of the campuses in order to reach the energy savings goal.

Results that Matter

Consistent with the climate action plan, OBG subsequently began execution of activities to support the plan, including comprehensive energy audits of over 20 million square feet of building space, and has begun design and construction of initial infrastructure renewal projects totaling over $100 million at Queens College, the College of Staten Island, Brooklyn College, Hunter College, and the New York City College of Technology.