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Case Study

Hazardous waste incinerator design improves production process for global chemical manufacturer

Every Challenge Has a Backstory

A global chemical manufacturer was in need of a new hazardous waste incinerator and air pollution control (APC) system to support a new product line at its Midwest facility manufacturing products that help farmers meet the growing needs for an abundant and affordable food supply. The new incinerator needed to safely dispose of liquid and gaseous waste generated by the facility’s new production processes. It also needed to be completed on an expedited schedule to meet regulatory compliance deadlines.

OBG’s Focus on Solutions

The chemical manufacturer looked to OBG’s unique combination of incineration and air pollution control experts to identify and evaluate various technologies using the Company’s proprietary Incineration Mass and Energy Balance programs, which quantify potential emissions, establish APC performance requirements, and determine lifecycle costs. Using the evaluation’s most cost-effective and technically feasible solution, OBG designed the new incinerator and associated APC system to meet Maximum Achievable Control Technology Standards (MACT) standards for industrial hazardous air pollutant emissions.

Results that Matter

The new incinerator safely disposes of liquid and gaseous waste generated by the facility’s production processes. OBG completed the feasibility study and design for this complex system, including the design of all supporting utility systems, cost effectively and within the expedited project delivery schedule.