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Case Study

Innovative demolition approach results in significant cost savings

Every Challenge Has a Backstory

Due to aging technologies and infrastructure, a global chemical company and the largest producer of polyester staple fibers in the U.S. suspended operations at an east coast U.S. manufacturing facility, and sought a partner to safely demolish the facility and remediate and close several solid waste management units on site.

OBG’s Focus on Solutions

OBG, in partnership with its client and regulatory officials, developed a comprehensive strategy and innovative approach, providing solutions from the identification of liabilities through asbestos abatement, decontamination, demolition, and closure of the 680-acre manufacturing facility, more than 80 solid waste management units, and wastewater treatment facilities. The asbestos abatement portion of the project is considered one of the nation’s largest asbestos abatement projects.

Results that Matter

OBG designed and implemented an innovative, risk-based approach to closure, integrating the environmental program seamlessly with demolition of the facilities and saving the client more than $8 million.