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Case Study

New aluminum remelting facility helps manufacturer meet growing customer needs

Every Challenge Has a Backstory

To meet growing customer demands and additional business opportunities, a leading North American producer of high-quality aluminum billets for the aluminum extrusion and forging industries looked to build a new, state-of-the-art remelt and casting facility in the Midwest region of the U.S. This plant would enable the manufacturer to better serve its customer base, which comprises building, construction, automotive, electrical, and an array of other industries. The goal of the new facility was to increase production by 1 million pounds of billet per day when in full operation to become North America’s largest remelter. 

OBG’s Focus on Solutions

PENTA (an OBG company) provided comprehensive technical services for a greenfield facility to process scrap aluminum and produce extrusion billet. The project included integration of turnkey equipment packages, owner purchased equipment, and more than 225,000 square feet of production space. PENTA developed the initial Phase I Study before transitioning into detailed design and engineering, while also providing procurement, cost forecasting, and start-up and commissioning support.

In addition, the plant was designed with safety of personnel in mind, including easy material flow from one operation to the next and with minimal direct operator handling. 

Results that Matter

The $100 million facility implements cutting-edge technology to increase production of high-quality billet for the North American extrusion industry. Along with the project being completed on budget and schedule, it was the most successful cast-house start-up in the manufacturer’s history.

When it reaches full capacity in 2018, the plant is expected to meet its goal of producing 1 million pounds of billet per day, and 350 million pounds of billet annually. Combined with existing operations, the facility will allow the manufacturer to produce more than 700 million pounds of billet annually to better serve its customer base. This project fortifies the client’s reputation as a leading producer of high quality aluminum billet.