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Case Study

Progress toward restoring value of Fountain Lake

Every Challenge Has a Backstory

Minnesota’s Fountain Lake has suffered from poor water quality for years, and specifically, high phosphorus concentrations, overabundant algae, and low clarity. A significant part of the challenge is excessive internal phosphorus loading, or the recycling of phosphorus from lake-bottom sediments.

In a multi-year undertaking, Minnesota’s Shell Rock River Watershed District embarked on a $15 million remediation and restoration program to improve water quality, aquatic habitat, and recreational opportunities for the community. OBG has served and continues to perform many roles as a strategic partner in the program, leading implementation of the multi-year dredging program that aims to remove more than 1 million cubic yards of phosphorus-laden sediment from the lake. 

OBG’s Focus on Solutions

OBG has provided project design, permitting, bidding, and construction services to support the program, as well as developed a constructible dredge plan. The program includes construction of a confined disposal facility (CDF) that will be used, once dredging begins, to manage sediment removed from the lake.

Results that Matter

The removal of more than 1 million cubic yards of sediment will reduce the lake’s internal phosphorus load and increase the water depth—ultimately maximizing water clarity and water quality throughout the watershed.

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