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Case Study

Renovation provides energy cost savings to nation’s oldest public college

Every Challenge Has a Backstory

The City University of New York (CUNY) initiated a strategic program to renovate the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at Hunter College—the oldest public college and largest CUNY college with 23,000 students—at its East and West Buildings in New York City.

CUNY looked to OBG as a partner, supporting the program from initial evaluation of options to improve functionality and energy performance of the building HVAC systems, to the design and construction of the program’s first phase of renovations at its library. The project needed to address insufficient ventilation in central areas of the buildings, inconsistencies in heating and cooling performance of offices and classrooms, and limited functionality of existing equipment, while improving comfort, minimizing maintenance, and reducing energy consumption and costs.

OBG’s Focus on Solutions

The $10 million project at the library replaced three large air handling units, installed new variable air volume boxes, which provide properly controlled heating and cooling to each space, and perimeter induction units, and refurbished the existing water blending station to supply tempered water to perimeter induction units. The project also installed a new building automation system for new mechanical equipment that tied into the building’s existing work station.

Results that Matter

The project was completed safely, delivering one of the new HVAC units to a top library floor by crane without injury. It also resulted in improved comfort related to temperature and ventilation in occupied areas of the building and exceeded desired energy savings, achieving 66 percent fan energy savings.