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Case Study


Every Challenge Has a Backstory

America’s biopharmaceutical research companies are developing medicines, via biological processes, that tap into the body’s own immune system to treat more than 100 diseases. OBG partnered with a leading biopharmaceutical company on the comprehensive repurposing of an 80-acre former antibiotics manufacturing plant. The goal was to transform the site into a leading center for development of biologics manufacturing processes and manufacturing of biologics medicines for clinical trials and commercial use.

An Intricate, Simultaneous Decontamination and Demolition Program: An 80-year history of building at the site resulted in 118 buildings and the supporting infrastructure spread across a 20-acre campus. The decontamination and demolition of antibiotics manufacturing facilities, while simultaneously protecting ongoing biologics manufacturing, was a key challenge and priority for OBG.

OBG’s Focus on Solutions

Guided by a comprehensive environmental management plan, OBG was steadfast on the avoidance of contamination of surrounding facilities. This focus was heightened by the simultaneous activities of demolition and strategic renovation/repurposing occurring at the site.

Results that Matter

The program included demolition of 50 buildings, and renovation and repurposing of over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space, as well as significant modifications to the site’s infrastructure, including boilers and power and steam distribution, chilled water systems, chemical storage and wastewater treatment. The six-year program represented a $100 million capital investment and resulted in a modernized facility to support a new mission.