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Battelle 2017 Sediments Conference

Environmental experts from OBG and NRT, an OBG company exhibited and presented at Battelle’s Sediments Conference

OBG, together with NRT, an OBG company, delivered six presentations and 10 posters during Battelle’s Ninth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments. The conference, held in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 9-12, 2017, brings environmental professionals together to share experiences and expertise with remediating, restoring, and managing the environmental and economic vitality of waterways. The OBG expert team presented on topics spanning from remediation of urban waterways to habitat mitigation and restoration.


Overcoming Several Site-specific Challenges to Remediate an Urban Brook and Several Tributaries
Jeff Marsh (OBG)

Early Stakeholder Engagement and End-Use Visioning Lead to Successful Remediation
Clare Leary, PE, LEED AP (OBG)

Balancing Site-specific Factors to Remediate Ley Creek
Kendrick Jaglal, PE (OBG)

Developing a Plan for Queen Lane Reservoir Sediment Management
Dreher Whetstone, PE (OBG)

An Early Action In Situ Solidification/Stabilization Remedy in a Wetland
Kenneth Mika, PE (NRT, an OBG company)

Nature's Passive Samplers: Characterization of Sediment Contamination Exposure to Megaloptera as an Alternative to Comprehensive Benthic Community Biomonitoring
Dusty Tazelaar, MS (NRT, an OBG company)


Metal Concentrations Among Different Trophic Guilds of Fish Collected from the Lower Genesee River
Christopher Kriegner, PMP (OBG)

Characterization of Ecological Impacts from Silver in Lower Genesee River Sediment
Christopher Kriegner, PMP (OBG)

Multiple Lines of Evidence for Assessing Benthic Impacts in the Lower Genesee River
Michael Rondinelli (OBG)

Endangered Species Act Section 7 Consultation Required during Dredging Projects: SDI-5 Inlet Maintenance Dredging Permitting Program
Lawrence Malizzi, PG (OBG)

Implementing a Reuse Strategy for Ponded, Acidic Tar Waste
Paul Schultz, PE, LEED AP (OBG)

Restoration of a Soda Ash Settling Basin with Rare Plant Communities
Anthony Eallonardo, Jr., PhD, PWS (OBG)

Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Mussels in the Lower Genesee River
Michael Rondinelli (OBG)

Carbon-Amended Sand Cap for MGP Sediment Remediation
Richard Weber, PE (NRT, an OBG company)

Efficient Approaches to Directly Measure Avian Exposure to Sediment Contamination
Denise Kay, PhD (NRT, an OBG company)

Key Gore Factors for Allocation at Sediment Megasites
Richard Fox (NRT, an OBG company)

During the conference, OBG also joined clients and partners for a reception overlooking Bourbon Street at a historic French Quarter restaurant.

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