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Battelle 2019 Sediments Conference

Ramboll together with OBG, Part of Ramboll recently showcased our sustainable sediment management solutions at the Battelle Tenth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments in New Orleans, Louisiana, February 11-14, 2019.

Together, we co-authored more than 30 papers and posters at the conference. In addition to chairing four sessions, our experts led a short course on in situ solidification, moderated a roundtable discussion on dredging, and participated in the conference's closing roundtable presentation.

View our presentations

Sustainable, Combined Remedies and Restoration of the Onondaga Lake Shoreline, Syracuse, New York [PDF]
Bradley Kubiak

Monitored Natural Recovery Evaluation of Cottonwood Bay Sediments (Dallas, Texas) [PDF]
Kristin Searcy Bell

Evaluating Impacts of In Situ Solidification/Stabilization of Sediments [PDF]
Dusty Tazelaar

Post-Remediation Monitoring of the Buffalo River, New York [PDF]
Kristin Searcy Bell

Navigating Record of Decision vs Early Action Cleanup Approaches and Adaptive Management [PDF]
Jennifer Hagen

Best Practices for NAPL Mobility Core Collection in Sediment: A Systematic Approach to Maximize Sample Integrity [PDF]
Marcus Byker

Another Dimension: Improving Conceptual Site Model When Going from 2-D to 3-D Visualization [PDF]
Tim Cushman

Alternate Approach to Rectifying Unsustainable Risk-Based Threshold Concentrations Under High Urban Background Conditions [PDF]
Denise Kay

View our posters

Spatial Variations in Ambient PAH Concentrations in Sediment in a Complex Urban River System [PDF]
Sarah Meyer

Activated Carbon-Amended Enhanced Natural Recovery (ENR): Results from the Lower Duwamish Waterway Pilot Study – Year 1 [PDF]
Lis Nelis

In Situ Stabilization (ISS) Treatability Test to Remediate NAPL-Impacted Sediments at a Superfund Site [PDF]
Kim Groff

Achieving a Higher Level of Remediation through Public/ Private Collaboration [PDF]
Jennifer Hagen

Ley Creek Sediment and Soil Remediation: The Impact of Past Creek Widening on the Development of a Remedial Strategy [PDF]
Brian Platt

Interplay of Congeners and Total PCBs in Risk Assessment and Remedial Decisions [PDF]
Rick Fox

Risk Assessment, Remediation and Sustainable Rehabilitation in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia [PDF]
Victor Magar

Assessment of Impact of Accumulated Effluent Sediment on Water Quality of Receiving Waterbody [PDF]
Phil Studds

Ebullition-Related Considerations during a Sediment Site Feasibility Study [PDF]
Kendrick Jaglal

Adjusting Arsenic Aquatic Life Criteria: Toxicity Updates, Arsenic Species and Species Sensitivities [PDF]
Linda Martello

Convergence Towards Development of Consensus-Based Ecological Screening Values for Metals in Sediment Pore Water [PDF]
Michael Rondinelli

Risk Analysis and Sediment Delineation Upstream of a Dam Slated for Probable Removal [PDF]
Jennifer Bell Taylor

During the conference, Ramboll and OBG, Part of Ramboll joined clients and partners for a reception in New Orleans' Warehouse District neighborhood. View photos from the conference and this special event.

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Ramboll and OBG join forces

As of January 1, 2019, OBG is proud to be part of Ramboll. Our combined resources bring our North American presence to 2,000 experts across more than 70 offices. Together, we offer our clients enhanced, multidisciplinary solutions from front-end consultancy to back-end engineering, project delivery, and design-build services.