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Edwin C. Tifft Jr. Water Supply Symposium

George Rest, PE presents on lead corrosion at the educational symposium

OBG water experts recently presented during the Edwin C. Tifft Jr. Water Supply Symposium on September 21-22, 2016 in Buffalo, NY. Hosted by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) New York Section, the symposium features educational sessions on sustainability, groundwater, water treatment, and recent advances in water treatment and research.

View our presentations:

Lead Corrosion: Lessons Learned & New Approaches
George Rest, PE; Michelle McEntire, PE

This presentation reviews the recent lead corrosion incidents of Washington, DC, Providence, RI, and Flint, MI, including a review of lead corrosion science basics—where the lead comes from (lead services, solder and household plumbing fixtures), and chemistry, biology, and physical impacts on lead levels in tap water.

Strategies for Implementation of a Full Lead Service Line Replacement Program
Rick Gell, PE; Michelle McEntire, PE

Public utilities have frequently struggled to implement lead service line replacements, because they lack the ownership or control of the portion of service line located on the customer’s property. Replacing only a portion of the lead service line has had mixed results in terms of compliance with action level for lead concentration at the customers’ tap. This presentation reviews the strategy Madison, WI used to develop an Ordinance establishing the legal authority to replace the entire service line and successfully remove all of the lead services in its distribution system. Strategies used by other utilities are also reviewed.