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Energy Storage Applications for Municipal Utilities in NY

On October 20, 2016, OBG power engineering expert Mohammad Mojdehi, PhD participated in the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST) Annual Energy Storage Technology Conference in Syracuse, NY. The annual conference focuses on the latest technological advances, research development, and commercialization efforts in fuel cells, batteries, and energy storage technologies. 

Mohammad joined other energy storage leaders from Urban Electric Power, Lockheed Martin, Gildemeister, Advanced Microgrid Solutions, and Fluidic Energy to provide a session titled, "Advanced Energy Storage Projects on the Grid". As energy storage technologies are able to provide many services and benefits to the electric grid, the session included presentations on how energy storage is being successfully used in a variety of grid applications. Specifically, Mohammad talked about energy storage applications for municipal utilities in New York State.

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Energy Storage Applications for Municipal Utilities in NY State
Dr. Mohammad Mojdehi

About Dr. Mohammad Mojdehi: Mohammad Mojdehi is a leading expert on renewable energy and distributed generation for public and private sector clients and utilities. His extensive knowledge of advanced power technologies helps clients focus on decreasing their dependence on large, centralized generation in favor of more reliable, local grids. Extensively published in his field, Mr. Mojdehi performs original research, modeling, analytical studies, and readiness assessments and evaluations for clients.