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Improving a Virginia water supply dam to pass its spillway design flood

Johan Anestad discussed how a Potomac Creek dam met its spillway design flood at the Virginia Water Conference

OBG has worked alongside the Stafford County, Virginia Department of Utilities to evaluate the impact of the 2015 statewide probable maximum precipitation study (which defined the maximum depth of precipitation that is physically possible for storm areas and duration in Virginia) on the spillway design flood for two Potomac Creek dams. Following a review of the study's effect on the dams, OBG developed several alternatives to improve the auxiliary spillways at these dams to safely pass the spillway design flood. 

In Improving an NRCS-Type Water Supply Dam to Safely Pass Its Spillway Design Flood, a presentation given at the Virginia Water Conference, Johan Anestad, PE discusses this case study in more depth, including results of the spillway design flood analyses and the recommended alternative.

The Virginia Water Conference took place on March 5-7, 2017 in Richmond, Virginia.

About Johan Anestad, PE: Johan is an engineer at OBG with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of hydraulics, hydrology, spillway design flood evaluations, dam failure analyses, emergency action plan preparation, construction inspection, surveying, and estimating. He has performed dam-related analysis and design and has been involved in all elements of the construction process.