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What you need to know: Step-by-step approach to NY cooling tower regulations

Recent outbreaks and the prevalence of Legionella bacteria in cooling towers has led the New York State (NYS) Department of Health to enact emergency regulations for all cooling tower owners statewide. These new regulations have established critical deadlines and guidance to protect the public from further exposure to the bacteria.

OBG is currently assisting a number of public and private entities, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, municipal buildings, universities, and industrial site managers to inspect, test, register, and implement solutions to prevent or manage this public health threat.

Headquartered in Upstate New York with eight offices across the state, OBG has unique experience in environmental toxicology, environmental compliance, air quality, water quality, water chemistry, and working with regulatory agencies and ASHRAE guidelines. OBG offers integrated services to support the requirements and corrective measures required by the NYS Department of Health.

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Meet Members of OBG’s team

Scott Scheidelman, leader of OBG’s environmental compliance practice in New York State, has more than 20 years of professional experience in the area of environmental regulatory compliance and permitting, working with industries, municipalities, colleges and universities, and healthcare facilities.

Scott Grieco, Ph.D., P.E., a water quality expert at OBG with extensive experience in water borne contamination, has more than 24 years of experience in treatability testing, system evaluation, design, and implementation. Dr. Grieco focuses on water quality, water chemistry, and treatment of utility water, and high purity water. He has authored several publications on water treatment and reuse systems and holds U.S. patents for innovative water treatment technologies.

Neil Breen, P.E. has been involved in the management of engineering and design efforts in the New York metropolitan area for more than 25 years. His experience includes the design and rehabilitation of industrial and institutional energy systems. He has comprehensive knowledge of centralized cooling plants and facility management systems.