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Microgrid Protection: A Planning Perspective

Mohammad Mojdehi, PhD

Demand for uninterrupted power supply has been increasing throughout the 21st century economy. Modernized electrical distribution systems (EDS) using distributed energy resources (DER) and smart devices offer resiliency of power supply through microgrid capability. However, for several reasons, microgrid protection is one of the main technical challenges faced by utility companies.

In the absence of an off-the-shelf protective relay for a comprehensive microgrid protection solution, utility engineers are required to identify the problematic scenarios under which a protection scheme may fail to operate properly and upgrade or modify it to handle those scenarios.

In Microgrid Protection: A Planning Perspective [PDF], a paper and poster presented at the 2018 IEEE / PES Transmission and Distribution Conference & Exposition, OBG’s Mohammad Mojdehi, PhD, a thought leader in microgrids and energy storage, discussed a distribution system analytical tool (DSAT) that evaluates the performance of a microgrid protection scheme under different scenarios. Using dynamic models of different DER technologies, the tool is capable of performing time-domain analysis. 

Mohammad covers benchmark analysis showing accuracy of the tool, as well as a case study demonstrating the tool’s functionality over other steady-state software applications widely used by protection engineers.

The Transmission and Distribution Conference, which focuses on challenges that have been solved to achieve the current state of the power and energy industry, took place on April 17-19, 2018 in Denver, Colorado.

About Dr. Mohammad Mojdehi: Mohammad Mojdehi is a leading expert on renewable energy and distributed generation for public and private sector clients and utilities. His extensive knowledge of advanced power technologies helps clients focus on decreasing their dependence on large, centralized generation in favor of more reliable, local grids. Extensively published in his field, Mr. Mojdehi performs original research, modeling, analytical studies, and readiness assessments and evaluations for clients.

Mohammad can be contacted at: Mohammad.Mojdehi@obg.com