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NGWA 2018 Groundwater Week

Rick Boone, CPG, CHMM

OBG's Rick Boone recently presented during the National Ground Water Association's (NGWA) 2018 Groundwater Week, a leading trade event in the groundwater industry. During the event, which took place December 3-6, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Rick discussed how to apply 3D visualization modeling to improve conceptual site model development and groundwater remediation.

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Application of 3D Visualization Modeling to Improve Conceptual Site Model Development and Groundwater Remediation [PDF]

Developed by Rick Boone and Tim Cushman, OBG

3D visualization modeling can be extremely useful to analyze and present data for environmental assessments, remedial planning, and litigation support, as well as regulatory and public relations. This presentations provides a case study of the successful application of a 3D visualization model, resulting in an improved interpretation of cross-unit vertical communication areas, confirmation of comingling with an offsite CVOC plume, and a refined approach to focused remediation of the core of onsite CVOC plumes, which resulted in cost savings.

About Rick Boone, CPG, CHMM: Rick is a managing scientist and hydrogeologist at OBG with more than 30 years of experience involving industrial/hazardous waste management, groundwater investigations, modeling, and remediation for large and complex industrial sites. He has specialized expertise in 3D conceptual site model development and visualization, groundwater flow modeling, and natural remediation. Rick can be contacted at: Rick.Boone@obg.com.

About Tim Cushman, GISP: Tim is a technical applications analyst at OBG with more than 10 years of experience in the environmental engineering and consulting services industry. He has specialized expertise in 3D conceptual site modeling, geospatial/geostatistical modeling, GPS asset management, and database development and management. Tim can be reached at: Tim.Cushman@obg.com.