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Peter Kalish contributes blog to Automation World on leadership in a data-driven world

Peter Kalish,
Peter Kalish

Peter Kalish, a Director in OBG, Part of Ramboll’s Growth Team, says every business is drowning in information—information about customers, suppliers, products, operations, and finances. Not to mention geo-locations, market behavior, population demographics, and environment. To gain competitive advantage from all this information, organizations must adapt—and it needs to start at the top. Leadership must embrace its new role as chief interrogator, asking better questions and driving new behaviors.

Peter recently shared with Automation World how business leaders could benefit from a change in how they engage with their teams. He gives an example of effective leadership in today’s information-rich world and issues a call-to-action for leaders to “up their game.”

Read the full blog in Automation World.

Peter Kalish, a Director of Business Development at OBG, Part of Ramboll, has 25 years’ experience as an industrial operations leader, responsible for purchasing and commissioning hundreds of millions of dollars in enterprise applications, production equipment, and facilities infrastructure. He is an entrepreneurial business leader with a track record of building robust operations and high-performing teams in both mature and early stage technology businesses. Peter can be contacted at Peter.Kalish@obg.com.

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Peter Kalish contributes to Automation World