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Restoring the Sauquoit Creek Floodplain in New York

Shaun Gannon, PE, D.WRE, PH, CFM, PMP

The Town of Whitestown and Village of Whitesboro in New York are prone to severe and widespread flooding of the Sauquoit Creek. These communities experienced devastating flooding from prolonged intense rainfall in July 2017, and in February 2018, unseasonably warm temperatures and rainfall again resulted in widespread flooding in the Village of Whitesboro. 

In response to previous widespread flood impacts, including repetitive loss, OBG began supporting the Town of Whitestown in 2016 by developing the Sauquoit Creek Channel and Floodplain Restoration Project.

This project focuses on increasing the resiliency of the creek through the construction of an innovative floodplain 'bench' that will store and slow floodwaters and protect downstream communities.

The project consists of the analysis and design of flood mitigation options, including the location and size of 12 floodplain benches to reconnect the creek to its natural floodplain, ice jam mitigations, enhanced open space through a multi-use creek-side trail, and bank stabilization.

This fall, construction will begin on the first two floodplain benches with plans to construct additional benches through 2020. To date, the town has secured more than $5.5 million dollars in grant funding toward the estimated $12 million-dollar project costs. OBG continues to support the town and village with public outreach and engagement, grant applications, and the design of capacity improvements at existing infrastructure.

Listen in on a recent interview with a local radio station as Shaun Gannon, a thought leader in wet infrastructure at OBG, and Whitestown Town Supervisor Shaun Kaleta discuss this major floodplain restoration project for the Sauquoit Creek.

About Shaun Gannon, PE, D.WRE, PH, CFM, PMP: Shaun has more than 20 years of experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling related to watershed management, dam safety regulations, dam breach analysis, interior flood control, hydraulic structures, flood insurance studies, and land development. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Society of Military Engineers (SAME), a Diplomate of the American Academy of Water Resource Engineers, and an Association of State Floodplain Managers Certified Floodplain Manger. He can be contacted at Shaun.Gannon@obg.com