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Upstream process optimization reduces air pollution control costs

OBG recently took part in the 36th International Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies & Hazardous Waste Combustors (IT3/HWC) on March 6-8, 2018 in Houston, Texas. This conference provides a forum for the discussion of state-of-the-art technical information, regulations, and public policy on thermal treatment technologies and their relationship to air emissions, greenhouse gases, climate change, renewable energy or alternative energy production, and sustainability.

OBG’s Michael Mannuzza and Bill Norris served on the conference’s committee as Technical Chair and Technical Vice Chair, respectively, while Fred Hencken discussed how upstream process optimization can reduce costs in air pollution control projects. 

View the presentation:

Upstream Process Optimization to Reduce the Cost of Air Pollution Control [PDF]
Fred Hencken

Air Pollution Control (APC) systems are often thought of as solely end-of-pipe solutions, especially when new APC systems are installed on existing production processes. Frequently, design modifications to the upstream process can significantly reduce the overall cost of the APC system required; however, a comprehensive process design is not always included as part of an APC project’s scope.

This case study illustrates the project execution steps followed for a volatile organic compound (VOC) abatement project on a complex batch production process involving multiple production lines where relatively low-cost modifications to the exiting upstream process resulted in significant capital and operating cost savings associated with the new APC design. A brief discussion is also presented on how this approach can be adopted to address the design of waste combustion systems and their associated APC system.

Fred can be contacted at Fred.Hencken@obg.com.

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