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Why Microgrids Matter

Why Microgrids Matter

Microgrids are becoming a vital part of power resiliency in the United States. They add economic value by functioning as an efficient means of backup power and serve as a source for supplying power into our national grid, an aging system in need of modernization.

Microgrids can:

  • Provide reliability by stabilizing energy during catastrophic events
  • Improve energy independence and/or achieve Net Zero energy usage
  • Reduce costs

Looking Beyond the Meter: A Proven Track Record

OBG offers flexible, scalable plans for securing energy supply. Energy is a pillar practice at OBG, and we approach microgrids from a broad portfolio of energy expertise that includes:

  • Proven experience in medium and high voltage design and installation for utilities
  • Control systems integration
  • Metering data management
  • Infrastructure planning, design, and implementation

Project Highlights

Maui High Performance Computing Center. OBG installed an advanced energy storage and management system at this U.S. Department of Defense supercomputer center. This system will help the Air Force move toward its goal of energy independence and security.

City University of New York (CUNY) – LaGuardia Community College. OBG designed a 100-kilowatt photovoltaic, dispatchable battery system to provide renewable power for peak shaving periods and to increase the resiliency of the standby power system. The project is part of a system-wide effort by CUNY to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Power Engineering Expert Mohammad Mojdehi

OBG's Mohammad Mojdehi, Ph.D., is a leading expert on renewable energy and distributed generation for public and private sector clients and utilities.

His extensive knowledge of advanced power technologies helps clients focus on decreasing their dependence on large, centralized generation in favor of more reliable, local grids.

Extensively published in his field, Mr. Mojdehi performs original research, modeling, analytical studies, and readiness assessments and evaluations for clients.

Read more about Mohammad Mojdehi.

Meet other members of OBG's Energy Team:

Darek Letkiewicz, PE, LEED AP

Darek has more than 24 years of professional engineering experience, seeing clients through project completion from study to start-up. His expertise includes design, construction management, and commissioning of energy and utility infrastructure projects for industrial and institutional clients.

Mr. Letkiewicz is a Vice President with O’Brien & Gere, leading OBG's Energy Services Program. He manages projects for multiple clients within higher education, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, metals, chemicals, electronics, water, and wastewater industries.

Neil Webb

Neil has worked in the energy industry for more than 24 years. His experience spans the evolution of energy markets from the vertically integrated holding companies of the early 1990s to today’s deregulated marketplace.

During this transformation, Mr. Webb has been engaged by utilities, independent system operators, and energy supply companies to assist in strategic and operational functions of wholesale and retail energy markets.

Mr. Webb’s recent work has been focused at the retail level, assisting entities with critical decisions involving energy products from the procurement of electricity, natural gas, and oil to the planning and management of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) products.

Our nation's power grid is aging, costing businesses and governments billions of dollars a year.

Have you prepared for an outage?

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