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Advanced energy storage and management system for the Air Force, Maui, Hawaii

O’Brien & Gere, with Princeton Power Systems and Concurrent Technologies Corporation, was recently awarded a contract with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Advanced Power Technology Office (AFRL-APTO) to install an advanced energy storage and management (AESM) system at the Maui High Performance Computing Center. Managed by the University of Hawaii, this facility in Maui, Hawaii is one of six supercomputer centers in the U.S. run by the Department of Defense for high-tech research. Through its demonstration of sustainable microgrid concepts and technologies in an operational environment, this project will assist the Air Force in moving toward Net Zero bases and energy independence, reliability, and security.

The demonstration project involves the integration and construction of a 100kW / 200kWh AESM system using an existing 100kW photovoltaic system, as well as Princeton Power Systems’ Energy Storage Systems products. For each application, this line of products customizes power level, amount of battery-based energy storage, battery chemistry, packaging, ability to incorporate renewable energy resources, and system control logic.

Once completed, the project will provide the Department of Defense with details of broad-scale capability in providing power quality enhancement, reducing cost of operations, and assuring access to energy for high demand or challenged operations at installations worldwide. It also will demonstrate the benefits of implementing energy storage with renewable energy generation to mitigate energy disruptions that impede Air Force operations.

As a leader in advanced energy storage and microgrid systems, O’Brien & Gere works with emerging technologies from readiness assessments to demonstrations and integration with existing infrastructure to address the evolving energy challenges of clients.

About APTO
The APTO Program executes technology development and demonstration of alternative energy technologies on behalf of Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Energy. APTO enables the transition and integration of advanced power and alternative energy technologies into the Air Force's inventory of ground vehicles, aerospace ground support equipment, Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources, and base infrastructure through the progression of Technology Readiness Levels, while ensuring environmental responsibility.

About O’Brien & Gere
O'Brien & Gere has become more than an engineering solutions company throughout its history of creating a better future since 1945. At the center of the Company’s story are clients ranging from advanced manufacturers to higher education, federal agencies, and municipalities. These clients trust O’Brien & Gere to deliver sustainable solutions and integrate innovative technology to solve the evolving advanced manufacturing, energy, environmental, and water challenges of today and tomorrow. For more information, see O’Brien & Gere’s 2013 Annual Report.

About Princeton Power Systems
Princeton Power Systems, based in New Jersey and founded in 2001, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art technology solutions for energy management, microgrid operations, and electric vehicle charging. The company is a global leader working with customers and partners across North America, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Its UL and CE-certified power electronics are used in advanced battery operations, and alternative energy, with built-in smart functions for ancillary services. The company also builds customized, integrated systems and designs, commissions, and operates microgrids. For more information, visit www.princetonpower.com.

Press Contact: Kristin Halpin, O'Brien & Gere