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Bill Meinert helps guide West Point Environmental Engineering Program

West Point Environmental Engineering Board of Advisors Meeting

On October 24, 2016, Bill Meinert, PE, a wastewater practice leader at OBG, took part in the Environmental Engineering Board of Advisors Fall Meeting held by the United States Military Academy (USMA) West Point in New York. Bill, who serves on West Point’s Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering Board of Advisors, joined other members at this annual conference to discuss topics within the academic program and offer guidance and direction for its future. Discussion topics included a review of the environmental engineering curriculum and focus areas and potential design topics for the cadet capstone project.

OBG's work to improve West Point

At West Point, OBG is currently providing a $70 million advanced treatment project to improve the Target Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant, which serves the entire military academy. Teamed with Atkins, OBG is designing a new 3.5-mgd advanced treatment plant that will replace the academy's existing facility and address capacity overages, outdated equipment, and collection system deficiencies. The new plant will employ modern treatment methods and advanced technology to meet state environmental permits for water treatment, as well as feature sustainability elements to achieve multiple net-zero energy goals. Learn more.

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