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Community volunteers build homes for wildlife while transforming the Onondaga Lake shoreline

"Whether it’s this event or any of the other ones that we’ve had, the common theme from the folks who participate is always that they want to be part of this very positive process." -Tony Eallonardo, Ph.D., Scientist

Members of OBG recently joined more than 50 volunteers along the Onondaga Lake western shoreline to create homes for wildlife by building and installing bird boxes and planting native plants. In total, the volunteers built 24 bird boxes and planted 1,250 native plants. They are part of the Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps, an expanding organization founded by OBG in partnership with Audubon New York, Montezuma Audubon Center, Onondaga Audubon Society, Parsons, and Honeywell. Together, the organization of community volunteers contributes to restoration projects that are creating or improving wildlife habitat in the Onondaga Lake watershed.

Media Contact: Kristin Halpin, OBG