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Company environmental stewards help shape Onondaga Lake shoreline in Syracuse

Members of O’Brien & Gere joined 55 volunteers last month to build a new wetland along Onondaga Lake’s western shoreline. Volunteers planted shrubs and trees, built habitat structures, and participated in citizen science monitoring by tracking native birds. They are part of the Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps, an expanding organization founded by O’Brien & Gere in partnership with Montezuma Audubon Center, Onondaga Audubon Society, Parsons, and Honeywell. Together, the organization of community volunteers contributes to restoration projects that are creating or improving wildlife habitat in the Onondaga Lake watershed.

The work along the lake’s western shoreline will transform 20 acres into new wetlands and improved habitat for wildlife. Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps volunteers help revitalize shoreline wetlands and build wildlife habitat structures. On the shores of Onondaga Lake and along the lake’s tributaries, Honeywell is creating or improving a total of 50 acres of wetlands and planting about 1.1 million plants, shrubs, and trees. To date, more than 280,000 shrubs and trees have been planted. Thirty-six acres of wetlands have been restored.

About Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps
The Corps is an expanding organization of community volunteers who are contributing to restoration projects that are creating or improving wildlife habitat in the Onondaga Lake watershed. The Corps seeks to inspire future stewards of Onondaga Lake and its watershed through a hands-on, experience-based program that offers citizens and organizations the opportunity to participate in activities that help restore and sustain Onondaga Lake and its value as an Important Bird Area. Founding partners of the Corps include Montezuma Audubon Center, Onondaga Audubon Society, Parsons, O’Brien & Gere, and Honeywell. For more information, visitwww.lakecleanup.com.

About O’Brien & Gere
O'Brien & Gere has become more than an engineering solutions provider throughout its history of creating a better future since 1945. At the center of the Company’s story are clients ranging from advanced manufacturers to higher education, federal agencies, and municipalities. These clients trust O’Brien & Gere to deliver sustainable solutions and integrate innovative technology to solve the evolving advanced manufacturing, energy, environmental, and water challenges of today and tomorrow. For more information, see O’Brien & Gere’s 2013 Annual Report.

Contact: Kristin Halpin for O’Brien & Gere