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Helping to bring clean water to Las Majadas, Guatemala

Daniel Kahn leads Engineers Without Borders water supply project in Las Majadas, Guatemala

Daniel Kahn, an environmental engineer at OBG, recently led the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Syracuse Professional Chapter’s Water Supply Assessment Trip in Las Majadas, Guatemala. The rural community suffers from water shortages during the summer, and while a newly drilled well located a mile away could provide enough clean water, there is currently no piping, pump, or treatment system in place to carry the water from the well to the community.

Daniel coordinated EWB’s efforts to draw maps, collect GPS data, and analyze water samples—all of which are being used to help design a project to solve the community’s water challenge. During their trip, the EWB team proposed that the new water system be constructed in phases, with the first phase bringing water to the community at centralized faucets, instead of piping to every household. This would save costs and allow for future expansion.

EWB worked with the community to select locations for the centralized faucets and mapped the locations using GPS units. Over the next year, EWB will design the water system, working with the community to ensure that their needs are met, and enough funding is available to carry out the construction. 

OBG has a long history of supporting EWB, driven by its employees’ passion to use their expertise to help communities around the world to improve their infrastructure and gain access to critical services such as clean drinking water and electricity.

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