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Safety App now available for Android and iPhone users

OBG Safety Moments App provides content to enhance safety awareness in the home and workplace

OBG is pleased to announce that a new version of its Safety Moments App is now available for iPhone users from the App Store and for the first time, for all Android users from Google Play. The app updates include new safety moments and features such as enhanced security and profile creation to receive safety information that’s important to users.

OBG's Safety Moments App provides access to safety content to promote and enhance corporate safety culture. With safety examples for a wide range of applications, these safety moments are applicable to most any industry. 

Features of the app include:

  • Free app for use on iPhone and Android
  • More than 80 safety moments with continuous additions
  • Categorized by type for easy searching
  • Create profile to receive relevant, targeted safety information
  • Share individual safety moments with coworkers or family members
  • Excellent way to kick off any type of meeting
  • Valuable at all levels of an organization
  • Great tool to help enhance a safety culture
  • Clean, simple design

Since its original launch in 2012, OBG’s Safety Moments App has been downloaded more than 12,000 times.

Download on the App Store

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