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OBG helps improve New York’s response capabilities for crude oil transportation incidents

OBG's work with the NYSDEC geographic response plan program moves into next phase

OBG is continuing its support of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (NYSDEC) commitment to enhance emergency preparedness and response capabilities for potential crude oil incidents in New York.

Since 2015, OBG has worked with the NYSDEC and local stakeholders to develop contingency plans for first responders to use in the event of a crude oil incident along the state’s railroad corridors. To date, these geographic response plans, along with emergency response trailers, have been distributed to all 21 counties transporting crude oil by rail across the state. 

During the program’s new phase, OBG is conducting classroom and field training for local first responders in each of the 21 counties. The classroom training is comprised of reviewing geographic response plans in depth and learning methods to protect the environment during a crude oil release. The field training is comprised of preparing local first responders to employ the emergency response trailer and demonstrating methods to stop the movement of oil in the environment.

In support of the NYSDEC’s goal to keep the geographic response plans “evergreen”, OBG also will continue to update each county’s plan over the next three years.

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