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OBG honored by Northern Kentucky Urban & Community Forestry Council

Matt Traister, PE and Tara Sturgill accept Outstanding Corporate Sponsorship Award from Northern KY Urban & Community Forestry Council

OBG recently received the Outstanding Corporate Sponsorship award from the Northern Kentucky Urban & Community Forestry Council during the Council’s Urban Forestry Awards Event, Trees in Our Communities Forum on November 1, 2018 in Covington, Kentucky. The annual event showcases urban forestry efforts throughout northern Kentucky with a goal of honoring those working to preserve and improve trees in local communities.

The Council’s Outstanding Corporate Sponsorship Award recognizes a valuable company partner that demonstrates true corporate citizenship and dedication to protecting and enhancing community forest resources in northern Kentucky. OBG received the award for its support of the Council’s Reforest Northern Kentucky annual native woodland tree planting event since 2015. Each year, OBG supports planting that is enhancing native woodlands in the state and fostering a sense of stewardship in the community.

OBG actively supports the Northern Kentucky Urban & Community Forestry Council, with employees serving as volunteers at community events. Currently, OBG’s Tara Sturgill serves on the Council’s Executive Committee as Secretary and is chair of the Development Committee.

Northern Kentucky Urban & Community Forestry Council
The Northern Kentucky Urban & Community Forestry Council (a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization) is an interdisciplinary group of citizens and professionals who support the work of existing organizations and agencies interested in urban forestry. The Council provides a forum of learning and, by researching and sharing technical information about the value of urban forestry, seeks to make it a part of our planning and action that will result in an improved quality of life and shared landscape. For more information, visit: www.nkyurbanforestry.org.

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