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OBG receives 2017 EBJ Business Achievement Awards

OBG awarded for business achievement and project merit in remediation

Environmental Business Journal® (EBJ), a business research publication which provides high value strategic business intelligence to the environmental industry, has honored companies for revenue growth, acquisitions, innovative project designs, technology applications, new practice areas, social contributions, and industry leadership in 2017.

OBG is pleased to announce that it was chosen to receive the EBJ award for Business Achievement: Mergers & Acquisitions for the acquisition of Midwest environmental engineering & specialty firm Natural Resource Technology (NRT), which supported OBG’s commitment to strategic growth in its environmental business, including remediation of complex sites in the contaminated sediment, energy and utilities, industrial, and federal market sectors. NRT represents OBG’s third strategic acquisition in two years, adding more than 160 new employees and enhancing the company’s client base.

OBG also was chosen to receive the EBJ award for Project Merit: Remediation for the sustainable remediation of the Onondaga Lake Superfund Site in Syracuse, New York—one of the largest, most complex programs in the country. The project, led by Honeywell, restored 400 acres of uncapped soda ash production tailings and other pollutants along the lake’s southwest shoreline and Nine Mile Creek’s shoreline. The project achieved hydrologic control of leachate generated by the site and discharged to adjacent water bodies.

This project included the creation of a 20-acre shoreline wetland complex that allowed Honeywell to meet compensatory wetland mitigation requirements and enhanced more than 6,000 feet of the lake’s shoreline. More than 40,000 plants were installed, and approximately 60 species of fish, birds, and other wildlife have returned to the restored western shoreline.

The 2017 EBJ awards will be presented at a special ceremony at the Environmental Industry Summit XVI in San Diego, California on March 21, 2018. The Environmental Industry Summit is an annual three-day executive retreat hosted by EBI, Inc. and 2020 Environmental Group.

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EBJ Business Achievement Awards
In October-December 2013, Climate Change Business Journal solicited nominations for the EBJ Business Achievement Awards. Nominations were accepted in 200-word essays in either specific or unspecified categories. Final awards were determined by a committee of EBJ staff and EBJ editorial advisory board members. (Disclaimer: company audits were not conducted to verify information or claims submitted with nominations.)

Founded in 1988, Environmental Business International Inc. (EBI, San Diego, Calif.) is a research, publishing and consulting company that specializes in defining emerging markets and generating strategic market intelligence for companies, investors and policymakers. EBI publishes Environmental Business Journal®, the leading provider of strategic information for the environmental industry, and Climate Change Business Journal®, which covers nine segments of the Climate Change Industry. EBI also performs contract research for the government and private sector and founded the Environmental Industry Summit, an annual three-day event for executives in the environmental industry.

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