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The Water Council features Melissa Marra

Melissa Marra conducts sediment sampling as part of a major lake restoration project in Wisconsin

The Water Council (TWC)—a non-profit organization headquartered in Wisconsin that drives economic, technology, and talent development to support the global water industry—recently featured Melissa Marra, an environmental technician at OBG, as a success story in their blog, The World Water Hub.

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Melissa is one of many water professionals featured for their work leveraging TWC’s network to accelerate their vision. For Melissa, her vision was to begin a career in environmental engineering at OBG. Bringing her background and education in geology and knowledge of groundwater issues, Melissa works on solutions for the development, management, restoration, and sustainability of natural resources.

Melissa earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental geosciences from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in Kenosha, where she also served as president of TWC’s Student Chapter. In addition to her work with TWC, Melissa is actively involved with other organizations, including the Midwest Water Analysts Association and the Village of Antioch’s Environmental Commission, where she has helped to coordinate an annual educational environmental fair and create a community garden that donates a portion of its harvest to a local food pantry.

The Water Council
Headquartered in the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, next to the world’s largest freshwater system, The Water Council is a non-profit organization that drives economic, technology, and talent development to support the global water industry. Established in 2009, the driving force behind the organization’s success is the vibrant spirit of collaboration between public, private, and academic sectors with a strong, shared commitment to finding innovative solutions to critical global water challenges.

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