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Articles tagged with: anaerobic digestion

Improving performance and reliability in wastewater treatment: Q&A with Dr. Mark Greene

Mark Greene, PhD

Mark Greene, PhD is a leader in providing technical guidance for wastewater treatment and biosolids handling applications. He is an expert in biological wastewater treatment, particularly in the areas of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion for biosolids and high-strength industrial wastewater, and environmental process research and development. He...

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International Biomass Conference & Expo

Frank DeOrio discussed anaerobic wastewater treatment at the International Biomass Conference

OBG experts recently presented during the 10th annual International Biomass Conference & Expo on April 10–12 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This event brings together industry professionals from all sectors of the world’s interconnected biomass utilization industries, including biobased power, thermal energy, fuels, and chemicals. View our presentations: Anae...

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Minimal Biosolids Stabilization for Maximum Biogas Production

Trends in the Northeast are moving toward stricter landfilling regulations. Should stricter regulations be enforced, anaerobic digestion offers a potential solution to biosolids management, shifting biogas production from the landfill to the treatment facility. However, given current regulations, landfilling biosolids offers the most cost effective option and greatest energy benefit...

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